Navy SEAL Trident art flag, Art by Don Stewart.
Navy SEAL Trident art flag, Art by Don Stewart.
Navy SEAL Trident art flag, Art by Don Stewart.

Navy SEAL Trident art flag, Art by Don Stewart.

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Here is what's in the flag -

US Navy SEAL Trident

                                                                                               Composite drawing by Don Stewart

The SEAL Trident, or ‘Budweiser’ is the insignia of the United States Navy's "Sea, Air, and Land" Special Warfare teams. Composed of an eagle, anchor, trident and pistol, the badge is visually concise, and instantly recognizable. In this rendering, SEAL training and traditions, as well as SEAL-specific equipment and ordnance offered a deep well of resource material to use in re-building this powerful, iconic image into a visually interesting and meaningful new drawing, honoring the history, courage and valor of these elite sailors           

           Blades: K-bar knife, Navy officer’s dress sword, Benchmade folding knife,


Leatherman’s Tool, strap cutter

 Climbing/Outdoor Gear: Rope, piton, carabiner, figure 8 belaying ring, Jumar climbing ascender, fast rope, SOHAH helmet, snow ski, snowshoes, ski pole, ALICE harness, canteen, Camelbak, ram-air parachute, M50 Gas Mask


 Diving Gear: Mask, snorkel, swim fin, regulator, Draeger rebreathing apparatus, scuba tank, diving watch (05:32)


 Explosives: Limpet mine, Bangalore torpedo, blasting cap, 40 lb. shaped charge, Mk-46 torpedo, M67 hand grenade, Mk 2 ‘pineapple’ grenade, M81 igniter, M18 smoke grenade, Flexible Linear Shaped Charge, RPG round, Claymore AP mine


 Firearms: M4 SOPMOD carbine and M203 40mm grenade launcher (40 Mike-Mike), .22 Hushpuppy, Remington shotgun, Carl Gustaf M4 recoilless multi-weapon, S&W .357 snub nose pistol, Barrett M82 .50 cal sniper rifle, FN Mk48, Walther PPK, misc. bullets


 Tech: Binoculars, compass, flashlight, laser range finder, GPS locator, PEQ-2 laser, PVS-7 Night Vision Goggles, wrist altimeter, radio, AN/PQS-2A sonar set


 Transport: Nighthawk helicopter, Zodiac Combat Rubber Raiding Craft, desert patrol vehicle, NSW-RIG fast boat


 MISC: UDT/SEAL Memorial, Freddie Frog, Sammy Seal, Tribal Frog, Punisher Skull, ‘Red Bull’ Demon Hunter, tadpole, banana, Irish Mist, EOD ‘Crab’, K-9 challenge coin, Monster Mash record, ‘Drown Proof’ Seal, bolt cutters, safety pin, P-38 can opener, 


No Bell Prize’, can of worm dirt, and a sugar cookie.  

Grey with Black Artistic Trident Print

Honoring and supporting the SEAL Teams and Frogmen.

3'1" x 4'9"

Navy SEAL Trident art flag, Art by Don Stewart.